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Take the time to make business personal

The best gift is a meaningful one. In today’s always-online world, the best way to make business personal is to make time to meet with one another face-to-face. Winter break is an opportunity to take a breath and reconnect before the new year. Whether it’s coffee, convocation, or the W. P. Carey Holiday Party + Lip Sync Battle, we challenge you to spend a few minutes welcoming new team members, and catching up with coworkers you haven’t seen in a while. Work life can get busy, but if we take the time to embody the values of integrity, community, excellence, and impact, we will be successful in creating authentic connections and together we will continue transforming W. P. Carey into a place where innovation can flourish.

Holiday Party +
Lip Sync Battle

Thursday, December 13
3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
Katzin Concert Hall, Music Building West

See calendar for details

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Staff and Faculty Sketches
Meet Melissa Samuelson and Jim Brenner

Meet Clinical Assistant Professor Melissa Samuelson and Chief External Relations Officer Jim Brenner. Both share a passion for learning from failure and a thirst for new knowledge. Their commitment to making an impact on students makes them both an integral part of W. P. Carey.

W. P. Carey in the News
Word of mouth changes consumer opinions

Good word-of-mouth can offset bad experiences, according to new research by Associate Professor of Marketing Adriana Samper. Evidence suggests that a good review from a friend can persuade someone to discount their own bad experience.

Ideas Unlimited
Value of sports soars

Tailgate parties. Fantasy leagues. Restaurant promotions. These are a few of the activities we enjoy during professional sports seasons. And then there’s the Forbes list of the World's 50 Most Valuable Sports Teams. Two W. P. Carey professors discuss the impact of sports.

in case you missed itBaldwin on mental illness

Professor Marjorie Baldwin, a former labor economist and now a health economist, studies mental illness and how it impacts daily workplace experiences. She hopes to raise awareness about it with a book detailing her son’s struggle with schizophrenia.

dean's digestGood news for the holidays

Happy finals week! While it’s both good and important that we’ll soon get a little break from the activity of a semester, the big thing to remember is the accomplishments of all our new graduates.

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did you know?Tired people make poor decisions

Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on ethical decision-making, says Assistant Professor David Welsh. Lack of sleep hinders a person’s ability to make ethical decisions, but there are strategies that can help.