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A warm W. P. Carey welcome for new and returning students

The start of the new school year is always a special time on our campus!It’s the time of year when we welcome our students back to campus and feel the energy, enthusiasm, and determination they bring with them. After all, our students are what it’s all about. With more than 5 ,500 new students joining our ranks, let’s take the time to show them around, ask if they need help, and let them know we mean it when we say W. P. Carey is where business is personal®.

State of the School Coffee Chat

Thursday, Sept. 26, 8 to 9 a.m.
McCord Hall, Avnet Lounge

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News and Happenings

Staff and Faculty Sketches
Lauren Chenarides and Nyasha Stone Sheppard

Meet Agribusiness Professor Lauren Chenarides and Senior Coordinator of Student Engagement Nyasha Stone Sheppard. These two employees can't imagine not being on campus (unless they're visiting Japan!).

W. P. Carey in the News
Putting research into practice

Why is there such a long delay to implement a practice or treatment about patient care after evidence shows it helps? W. P. Carey professor Margaret Luciano's research investigates.

Ideas Unlimited
Learning from history

To try and understand how failure at one financial institution could cascade into distress at another institution, Assistant Professor of Finance Jessie Wang dug deep into the past.

in case you missed itASU awarded USDA grant

Morrison Chair of Agribusiness Tim Richards and a colleague have been awarded an Agriculture Economics and Rural Communities grant totaling $499,999 to help retailers optimize purchasing and reduce food waste.

dean's digestStarting the semester with good news!

I hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend and are starting to settle back into the semester routine. Of course, we never get too settled here at W. P. Carey — here are some items to note and things to look forward to over the next month.

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did you know?Recognize your colleagues

The SUN Award is an easy way to give immediate recognition to your coworkers. It is a thoughtful, positive way to honor an employee for supporting university goals. Submit a SUN Award to any faculty, staff or student worker who demonstrates excellence.