Andrew Lukosus: Sun Devil for life

Staff Sketch

“This is such a friendly and positive place,” says Andrew Lukosus.

Andrew says he's experienced the W. P. Carey “business is personal” philosophy both as a student and as an employee, and both experiences have influenced his outlook on life.

As a supply chain undergraduate, Andrew was able to give back to the community by launching a mentoring program for elementary students with a few other Sun Devils.

“It was called the Arizona Mentoring Society and we provided free tutoring to elementary students throughout the valley. It just took off. We grew from seven volunteers to 60 in less than two years and provided nearly 1,000 tutoring hours,” he said.

That experience led Andrew on his current career path.

“I loved supply chain, but this is when I really heard my calling,” said Andrew. He wanted to use his skills to support the educational goals of others. After a stint as a PE and substitute teacher, Andrew realized early on that teaching was not the best fit, and moved over to the administrative side of education.

Andrew moved to San Diego and worked at a for-profit tutoring center and managed everything from marketing to recruiting to proposals. Afterward, Andrew moved into a position as an advisor at University of California San Diego and later became the graduate programs coordinator at the UC San Diego Division of Biological Sciences.

After seven years in California, Andrew decided to return to Arizona and start a family.

“I immediately knew I wanted to work at ASU. I saw W. P. Carey was looking for an academic adviser, so I applied. I was an assistant director for online advising, and now I’m enjoying my transition to the School of Accountancy,” says Andrew.

Andrew is currently the business operations manager for the School of Accountancy, replacing Kathleen Palmanteer, who recently retired.

“I wanted to learn new things, get out of my comfort zone and grow,” says Andrew.

“I’ve spent time working one-on-one with students daily. Now I get to see what it’s like supporting faculty,” says Andrew. “There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes in order for the school to thrive. Learning more about that process has been fascinating.”

“I take the business is personal philosophy very seriously. A lot of us do. We try to move beyond the transactional nature of our job function and not lose sight of the person behind the transaction. I really thrive on that,” says Andrew.

“One thing I do daily is hold the door open for people. I say hi, I ask them how they’re doing. It’s those little things. Students might not get that personalized experience everywhere. Let me stop, go a little out of my way, and hold the door open. It’s my privilege to serve them. It’s a small way to make them feel special. Making business personal is not just about the grand gestures. It’s in the small things we do, too.”


What do you like about your job? I really love the positive environment of academia.

What do you appreciate most about W. P. Carey School? I like all the different people from all the different backgrounds, who bring so many different perspectives.

What have you learned on another job that you’ve applied at W. P. Carey School? At a previous place I worked, I learned what to do if someone asks a question we don’t know the answer to. You can help navigate them to where the information is, or tell them you’ll look it up and get back to them. I learned it was OK to not know everything. You can still provide superior service without having to memorize everything.

What’s your favorite W. P. Carey School event? Fall Welcome. It’s always fun to meet new students. I enjoy playing a role in welcoming them to campus and making them feel at home. I thrive on their energy and excitement. It gets you fired up for the new academic year.

What was your first job? I worked at a flower shop with my sister.


What is the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done? I flew a plane – a single-engine Cessna – when I 13 years old.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Fishing, surfing, or working in my organic garden.

What is your favorite season — winter, spring, summer or fall — and why? Fall. It’s when students return and breathe life back into the campus.

Where is your alma mater and what did you love about going to that college? I went to ASU and I just loved the opportunity to be back here and connect with other students, and do meaningful work.

Have you ever received especially good advice? “Make it so that you make it.” Be confident, be positive, be professional, and if you do all those things, people will give you the benefit of the doubt. You have to believe in yourself first, and others will follow that example. If people smell your fear, they’re going to think you’re not the right person for the job.


Salty or sweet? Salty
Coffee or tea? Coffee
Soda or energy drink? Water
Cat or dog? Cat
Truck or car? Truck
Board games or video games? Board games
Fiction or non-fiction? Non-fiction
Facebook or face-to-face? Face-to-face
Breakfast or lunch? Lunch
Morning person or night owl? Morning person