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New Manager Training

ASU Career EDGE Training Opportunities

In 2019, ASU launched a new online job-related training tool for employees called ASU Career EDGE. This platform allows you to access courses from ASU departments and LinkedIn Learning. You can also track your learning, and supervisors can assign training (Search for ASU - Manager - Assign Training). You can also create and share playlists. 

Access ASU Career EDGE at career-edge.asu.edu or via My ASU.

You can also connect to your LinkedIn profile to post completed trainings directly to your LinkedIn profile. 


Training suggestions

Online Training

Option A: Fast-start program

Option B: Fast-start program plus:

    1. Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Manager with Roberta Matuson
    2. New Manager Foundations with Todd Dewet
    3. Onboarding New Hires as a Manager with Todd Dewett
    4. Leading Productive Meetings with Dave Crenshaw
    5. Delegating Tasks with Dorie Clark
    6. Coaching and Developing Employees with Lisa Gates
    7. Performance Management: Setting Goals and Managing Performance with Todd Dewett
    8. Performance Management: Conducting Performance Reviews with Todd Dewett


Topic-specific training 

 Diversity and inclusion




Creating high-performing teams



Resource allocation




Coaching and developing employees


Giving and receiving feedback


 Executive presence


Leading through change


Creativity and problem solving


Building resilience


Managing performance issues


Meetings and time management


Developing leadership skills


Developing a learning mindset and creating a learning plan 


Related LinkedIn Learning Paths: 

  1. Become a High Performer Learning Path (8 hours and 22 minutes) 

  2. Become an Inclusive Leader Learning Path (6 hours and 44 minutes)

  3. Managing Performance Learning Path (8 hours)