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ASU & ASU Foundation Accounts

ASU Accounts

To set up access to the ASU financial system, request an Advantage ID. To set up an ASU account, complete the form(s) that corresponds to the action being taken. Send to the Dean's Office Accounting Team to review and forward to Financial Services for processing.

If closing an ASU account, the remaining balance must be transferred to another ASU account. Notify the school designated accountant at Financial Services plus the Dean's Office Accounting Team.

Financial Services is available to answer questions on specific topics, actions and responsibilties.


Foundation Accounts

The ASU Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that acts as the principal agent through which gifts are made to benefit the university. The Office of Development serves as a liaison to the ASU Foundation with a staff focused on donor cultivation, fundraising and stewardship.

Information about donors and their gifts should be handled with respect and confidentiality, to the extent provided by law.

Set up a new ASU Foundation account using the web form. The Office of Development can verify the type and appropriateness of the fund.

Change an Account Signer and/or other account data with the web form (e.g. adding/deleting signers, changing account purpose, changing account title, adding web report viewing access, etc.).

Notify the Dean's Office Accounting Team to review for approval.

Remember to monitor your accounts.

  • Gifts-in-Kind and Contributed Services — For gift reporting purposes affecting donors giving tangible goods or services in lieu of a monetary donation. Due to the complexity of these gifts, please work with the Office of Development to process gifts-in-kind.
  • For depositing of all gifts (both ASU & ASU Foundation), pledges and non-gift deposits intended for ASU Foundation accounts, follow the W. P. Carey School of Business Cash Handling Policy: “Depositing Funds to ASU Foundation Section”
  • For processing of payments to vendors, ASU accounts and scholarships, complete the webform and forward to the Dean’s Office Accounting Team to review for approval. Include the following: a copy of the webform approved by the 1st level signer, a business purpose and all supporting documentation.
  • For transfer of funds between ASU Foundation accounts, complete a transfer form and forward it to the Dean’s Office Accounting Team to review for approval. Include the following: appropriate business purpose and reason for transfer, all supporting documentation and first level approval.
  • Use the approriate revenue code or the expense code with a copy of the Advantage 611E detail report showing the expense line item being reimbursed for verification and confirmation of the charge.

ASU Foundation Financial Services is available for further guidance.



ASU Foundation accounts, just as ASU accounts, are to be reconciled each month.

Signers of ASU Foundation accounts must spend the accounts in line with donor intent as directed by the gift agreements.

It is the department's obligation to attain copies of gift agreements from the Office of Development to ensure appropriate spending oversight and procedure.

If you have any questions regarding the appropriate use of funds, please contact the Office of Development.

Documentation is on file for any and all account transactions and public purpose is clearly indicated, reviewed for adherence to state, ABOR, ASU, as well as school policies & procedures and each is properly categorized under the most appropriate financial code.

Payroll reconciliation focuses on employees paid the correct amount, from the correct account, and leave accrual balances are reviewed.

Accounts reconciliation should be completed by the end of the following month.

Any discrepancies when reconcilating accounts should be indicated and reported as soon as possible and appropriate action taken to remedy the situation.

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