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Payroll, Reconciliation and Redistribution

W. P.  Carey School of Business faculty, staff, and student personnel actions are reviewed by the Dean's Office Accounting Team as part of completing the university's processes.

Where do I look?

Data Management in Financial Service — it's where you find information about Personnel Transaction Requests (PTRs), Training Guides, workflows, Academic and Graduate Renewal Process and requesting a security role.

Payroll is where you find schedules, calendars, time reporting guidelines, vacation/comp payout actions, and reconcilation guidance.

Submit all documentation to the Dean's Accounting Team, (e.g. letters, emails or any other documents showing provost, dean and department approval).

Payroll Reconcilation

Salary and/or wage expenses for each employee are to be reconciled on a monthly basis. Below are best practices in reconciling payroll.

  1. Verify that the compensation rate for each employee is supported by the contract, offer letter, or other official documentation.
  2. Verify that the wages/salary paid are correct for each employee.
  3. Verify that employees are paid from the correct account.
  4. Verify time reported has been approved by a supervisor.
  5. Verify that payroll expenses by account tie between Advantage in PeopleSoft.

A Payroll Redistribution entry is used to correct an account number, position number, close date, or earnings code type of a payroll expense that has posted to PeopleSoft and Advantage.

You will need Human Resources access to My Reports and PeopleSoft to access pre-built queries to assist with reviewing payroll expenses — access through My ASU under the Computing, Phone & Data Services section.

Detailed information for salary/wage/ERE expenses is not available in Advantage.

Transactions for sponsored accounts will not be processed until it has been approved by an agency/org signer and the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects Administration (ORSPA).


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