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Staff Hiring

All staff hires are processed through the Kenexa BrassRing hiring system. The ASU Human Resources provides you with many recruitment resources such as guides and workshops to help guide you through the hiring process. You can request access through the following steps:

My ASU > Service > Tools and Resources > Self Support > Access Requests > PeopleSoft – Submit a New Request for Access

  1. Enter UserID and Continue.
  2. Enter “Purpose for Access Request” (“I will be assisting with student hires and staff applicant screening within the department”) and “Supervisor UserID” and Continue.
  3. Click “Add Role(s).”
  4. Check the box(es) needed:
    • 2xB Hiring Manager
    • HCM Dept Position Manager can create/edit Positions.
    • HCM Dept Financial Mgr can create/edit Position, create/edit Position Management 
      Accounting and start the workflow for the Position.
    • and click “Save & Return.” 
  5. Click “Save and Submit.
  6. Online training and testing must be completed prior to access approval.

An email will give you direction to the training and testing site. Quick Navigation - My ASU > Blackboard > Kenexa: Hiring People at ASU > Content (review program) > Final Exam (you must pass with 80% or better).

  1. Supervisor will receive email to approve.
  2. HR Data Trustee & Final Security to approve.
  3. After all approvals are complete, 2xB access will be available the next day.You must disable your browser’s popup blocker for 2xB (trm.brassring.com). Browser Setup for Kenexa BrassRing.

Posting Your Position

A few things to remember when posting your position in Kenexa:

  • Once your position number is approved via Position Management, it will integrate into Kenexa. Kenexa integration times are every hour 6:00am- 6:00pm.
  • When creating a requisition in Kenexa, start typing your information into the required fields and then select the correct one from the dropdown that Kenexa populates as you type. If you solely type your information and hit enter, without selecting from the dropdown, Kenexa will not populate the rest of the form properly and inhibit you from moving forward.
  • Posted Salary Range: Best practice is to post as: $(Job code Minimum) to Commensurate with Education and Experience. This gives you the flexibility make offers to candidates without requiring additional approvals later in the process if your desired offer were to fall outside of the posted salary range.
  • Posting Closing Date: You can review your candidates prior to the posting closing date and if you feel that the applicant pool is too small or does not contain strong candidates you can email DL.ORG.HR.Staffing to request an extension to the closing deadline. You must submit this request before the posting actually closes and include the req ID.

Getting Ready to Interview

Once your posting has closed the hiring manager will receive a candidate screening sheet which is broken into tiers based on the desired qualifications that were listed in your posting. At this time, review the applicants and make any adjustments to the tiers as necessary. When doing so, please make sure to provide detailed justification as to why applicants are no longer being considered for an interview. Those justifications will be entered into the disposition forms for each candidate.

Finishing the Hire

Once the background check is completed, you can then create the offer letter. Keep in mind:

  • Firefox is the preferred browser for creating the offer letter — specifically for the inserting a signature function.
  • After you post the offer letter to the candidate portal and send the email communication to the candidate with instructions to accept, you must change the HR status to "Final Offer". (If the candidate accepts the offer letter before you change the HR status, the process will get stuck and not move forward. If this happens, contact JIRA.Kenexasupport@asu.edu for them to move the process forward.)

Prior to a New Staff Member's Start Date

When your candidate has accepted the offer of employment, you can complete the rest of the hiring process.

  • Send the "Welcome to W. P. Carey School of Business" template email for new staff member with instructions on:
  • Activating an ASU ID #  through ASURITE Activation. (Since this is required to set up computer permissions, a Courtesy Affliate can also be requested through MyASU Service by the department.)
  • Register the new staff member for the ASU New Employee Orientation closes to the hire date.
  • Temporary parking permits are received at the new employee orientation. (If the next available orientation is after the initial start date, a new staff member can take a copy of the offer letter to Parking and Transit , located in the University Towers, 525 S. Forest Ave., Tempe, AZ 85281, to receive a temporary permit.
  • Order keys and business cards, and name/title door plate
  • Assign phone number and computer equipment
  • Prepare a W. P. Carey staff swag bag


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