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Student Hiring

Hourly Student Workers

All hourly student hires (Level I-III) are processed through the Kenexa Brassring hiring system.  The waiver process can be used to hire an hourly student worker IV.  ASU's Student Employment website provides you with the necessary resources, including an on-campus hiring checklist, to help you through the student hiring process.


Pay Rate

Job Level Descriptions






Duties are of a routine and simple nature. Requires direct supervision with relatively specific instructions. Little or no training or experience is required.




Duties are varied and less routine and involve a moderate degree of responsibility and judgment. May lead or coordinate activities of other student employees. Requires previous knowledge or skill and/or equivalent experience or training.




Duties are technical and complex and involve a high degree of responsibility and judgment. May supervise or direct activities of other student employees. A significant amount of specialized training or experience is required.




Duties are highly technical and/or complex and involve a significant degree of responsibility and judgment. This classification is limited to teaching/research aide type work or those positions requiring highly specialized skills and/or technical knowledge.

 Getting Ready to Post

We recommend that when you submit your position through Position Management, consider adding one or two more to the "positions to be filled" section. This will allow you to hire additional students later on in the recruitment process without having to submit a new requisition or request an additional hire. However, while a posting is in open recruitment and another vacancy comes up for the same position, you may also request approval to make an additional hire on the open requisition. Follow the Kenexa Process Guide.

A few things to remember when posting your position in Kenexa:

  • Once the position number is approved via Position Management, it will integrate into Kenexa. Kenexa integration times are every hour between 6:00am - 6:00pm.
  • When creating a requisition in Kenexa, start typing your information into the required fields and then select the correct entry from the drop down menu that Kenexa populates as you type. If you solely type your information and hit enter, without selecting from the drop down, Kenexa will not populate the rest of the form properly, which will inhibit you from moving forward.
  • Posting Closing Date: The hiring manager may request to take their position off of the student gateway after 72 hours OR you can request an extension to the closing date before the posting actually closes. To make these requests, contact the Student Employment Office with the job requisition number.
  • Need help in creating your job posting?  Check out the existing postings to get an example of the different student worker levels then cut and paste accordingly to the job description and what essential duties are needed.

Finishing the Hire

Firefox is the preferred browser for creating the offer letter and supports the insertion of a signature much better than other browsers.

Once the candidate has accepted the offer letter with his/her electronic signature, follow the Hiring Managers- New Hire Checklist to ensure the rest of the hiring process goes smoothly. This checklist includes new student worker communications regarding additional hiring paperwork and information regarding computer access and trainings.

Research, Teaching or Graduate Assistants (RA/TA/GA)

  • Competitive hires, please follow the same hiring process as hourly student workers.
  • Waivers of the recruitment process, please use a faculty waiver form. Dean-level approval is not needed, therefore, these are processed completely at the unit level.


Need Help?



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