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Record Retention & Property Control

Records Retention

ASU and the ASU Foundation have specific policies and procedures when retaining records, when asked for records, and in maintaining property.   

Financial Records

Public Records

Student Records

Property Control 

Computer and IT Equipment

Each department is responsible for keeping their inventory records of computers and IT equipment up-to-date. Our Technology Services Department is responsible for the physical custody, inventory records and audit of all classroom equipment and will work directly with each department when new IT equipment has been ordered or when existing equipment has been moved or salvaged.

  • Items that must be tagged regardless of cost are computers, monitors and printers.
  • All ASU property needs to be readily located or accounted for upon request.
  • Non-tagged assets need to be readily located for at least 18 months after purchase.
  • A disbursement form, the off-campus loan of equipment form, or other less formal tracking methods can be used for tracking non-tagged assets.
  • Best Practice: Once a year complete a sample pull of non-tagged assets from your purchasing records and locate them.


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