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Evaluation Process

Online Performance Evaluation Process

  1. Complete employee self-evaluation.
  2. Send self-evaluation to supervisor.
  3. Supervisor starts annual performance evaluation.
  4. Supervisor sends completed evaluation to employee for review.
  5. Employee reviews evaluation.
  6. Supervisor and employee meet to discuss annual performance evaluation.
    Process Flow Chart

Steps for Supervisors

Before You Begin

  • Do you have a current job description? If not, think about the employee's major responsibilities — what job duties are performed 60 percent of the time?
  • Has a self-evaluation been started?
  • Do you want feedback from others (e.g., clients, customers)?
  • Have you begun to gather and organize your performance-related notes/documentation for each of your direct reports?
  • Have you set your deadlines to meet the given W. P. Carey annual performance evaluation due date?


Online evaluations will be electronically saved and available for print at any time.

  • Printed copies may be made for department personnel files.
  • Employees may print an evaluation for personal records.
  • A hard copy of all acknowledged online performance evaluations will be placed in W. P. Carey School personnel files by W. P. Carey HR.
  • Overall ratings are entered into PeopleSoft by W. P. Carey HR.
  • W. P. Carey HR sends a hard copy to the ASU Office of Human Resources for the employee's official personnel file.