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W. P. Carey Buildings and Grounds

You can contact our W. P. Carey Facilities group by stopping in BA150, call 5-2400, email wpcarey.support@asu.edu, or submit a request to request the following facility services:

  • Carpet repair or replacement
  • Repairs to cabinets or shelves
  • Hanging pictures, bulletin boards, whiteboards, etc. (Please be aware that only facilities personnel is permitted to make any holes in walls, due to the possibility of asbestos being present)
  • Any ceiling problem
  • Janitorial cleaning issues or concerns (except minor spills)
  • Spills needing a quick response
  • Anything having to do with keys, card readers, or access permissions
  • Any furniture need
  • Problems you may notice on the grounds around the building
  • Anything regarding the directories on each floor
  • New signs or changes to exiting signs
  • Anything needing paint or repairs to walls
  • Adjustments or repairs needed to doors or door locks
  • Doors left unsecured by cleaning crews
  • Electrical power issues
  • Lighting problems
  • Heating or air conditioning issues
  • Plumbing problems
  • Anything having to do with alarm systems
  • Adjustments or repairs needed to elevators
  • Pest control


Key requests are handled through ASU Lock Services.

Card Access

Some of our W. P. Carey buildings and department entrances require SunCard access. Please request access by email wpcarey.support@asu.edu, or by submitting a request to our Facilities group.

More information

Office Furniture Keys

Before placing an order for new keys, contact W. P. Carey Facilities to see if a copy is available. If there isn't a copy on file, you'll need to request the furniture key from ASU Facilities Management.