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Digital Signage

Throughout McCord Hall and the BA and BAC buildings are wall-mounted digital monitors intended to showcase key messages for appropriate audiences. The monitors operate on the Four Winds Interactive system provided and managed by ASU's University Technology Office.

Appropriate messaging for each monitor depends largely on its location. In public spaces, like building lobbies and walkways, the messages need to be as broad as possible to appeal to the widest range of viewers (students, faculty and staff, visitors). This messaging tends to promote the school overall, but can include large signature events — career fairs or recruiting events — or communications about schoolwide initiatives, such as faculty evaluations or enrollment. Information about individual courses or select student clubs is not broad enough for these public spaces.

Within offices, such as Undergraduate Advising or Graduate Programs, messages can be more narrowly tailored for specific groups and can focus on whatever is relevant to the office or its visitors.

Digital signage managed by individual units:

  • BA109
  • BA215
  • BA160
  • BA445
  • McCord 102
  • McCord 232
  • McCord 341
  • McCord 350
  • McCord 432
  • McCord 302
  • McCord 450

Public signage, managed by Marketing and Communications:

  • BAC100
  • McCord elevator lobbies (1st-4th floors)
  • McCord Avnet portrait displays

All assets created for public signage must be approved and scheduled by Marketing and Communications, and must adhere to W. P. Carey branding guidelines. While individual units can create their own assets for internal use, they are strongly encouraged to adhere to the same guidelines.

Creating or requesting assets

The digital monitors are landscape-oriented, with the exception of the portrait monitors outside Avnet Lounge. Therefore, landscape designs are strongly suggested for all other monitors, as the Four Winds system shrinks to fit any asset into standard dimensions.

Please contact Marketing and Communications if you have requests or questions about public signage.

The following formats are preferred:

  • JPG
  • PDF
  • PNG
  • PPT (PowerPoint)
  • MP4 (video)