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Getting Started

Event Registration Form

All ASU-affiliated events — whether on-campus or off-campus — must be registered 30 days in advance with the Office of Special Events if they meet any of the following criteria:

  • 100 guests or more are expected to attend.
  • The event will be outdoors, in lab space, or other non-traditional event space.
  • Alcohol will be served.
  • Media will be present.
  • The setup includes tents, canopies, stages, platforms, inflatables, carnival rides, or barricades/fencing.
  • There will be hazardous materials, fireworks, generators, cooking (including food trucks), or other safety concerns.
  • The program includes controversial topics. (Media might cover it, protesters might attend, security may be needed, etc.)
  • VIPs, elected officials, donors, anyone who travels with security details, or dignitaries will be invited to the event.
  • Check the Office of Special Events guide on hosting in-person events for up-to-date guidelines.

Register your event

Selecting a Date

Consult ASU calendars:

Request a date on the dean’s calendar:

  • Contact the W. P. Carey dean's assistant, Doris Waxberg, to request a date. Keep in mind that her calendar fills up far in advance, so requests should be sent as early as possible.

Request a date on President Crow’s calendar:

  • Complete this request form. President Crow’s calendar also fills up very quickly, so send in requests early and provide as much detail as possible.

Selecting a Venue

W. P. Carey School of Business venues may be requested using the virtual EMS (There are some training videos showing how to use the EMS Virtual program). These include:

  • Business Administration
  • Business Administration C Wing
  • Dean’s Patio
  • McCord Hall and concourse

Other venues on ASU campuses

  • The Event Assist website has a comprehensive list of venues (on and off campus). To see what's available, registered ASU event planners must first log in to Event Assist and then view the venue list here.

Off-campus venues

  • Please contact Melanie Butters, Special Events Manager, for ideas and suggestions related to off campus venues.