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Alternative Work Arrangements at W. P. Carey

W. P. Carey leverages SPP 306 (Work Schedules) in defining alternative work arrangements. In general, the following guidelines are used:

  • Complete 90 days as a new staff member. Why 90 days? We feel it's important for employees, their supervisor, and their team to gain a solid understanding of the culture and needs of the team before engaging in a flexible work arrangement. 
  • Maintain performance expectations, including participation and expectations as part of the W. P. Carey EDGE Conversations process.
  • Your need for flexibility extends beyond 30 days. Life happens, we get it! If you're needing immediate, short-term flexibility, just talk to your supervisor and see what can be done. 
  • For alternative arrangements beyond 30 days, fill out the Alternative Work Arrangement form and discuss with your supervisor. Obviously, you'll take into consideration the needs of your role and your department, and your supervisor will likewise consider upcoming major deadlines, office coverage needs during standard working hours, and other key factors. All requests, once approved by the supervisor, will be reviewed by the Dean's Office.

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