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Goals and outcomes

Further embody the ASU Design Aspirations

  • Embrace our place within the New American University
  • Encourage more use-inspired research that drive solutions impacting Arizona and the U.S.

Put students in the center of all we do

Establish an identity for innovation

  • Respond to rapid industry changes in our curriculum
  • Establish solution-based centers/labs that aid university external research proposals

Advance research and teaching

  • Elevate teachers and practitioners
  • Promote interdisciplinary work
  • Build a better bridge between research and practice
  • All departments ranked top 10 in research productivity
  • Management & Entrepreneurship ranked No. 1 in productivity

Gain agility, while improving effectiveness and efficiency

  • Increase productivity and decrease complexity with no cost increases

Leverage our corporate partnerships

  • Advance an innovative model for W. P. Carey that adds value for our stakeholders
  • Align corporate partners with the school


  • We are a more student-centric school
  • We conduct use-inspired research by engaging professionally qualified faculty enabling us to increase community engagements and drive solutions impacting the state of Arizona.
  • We respond to a rapidly changing environment with dynamic curriculum improvements
  • We establish solution-based centers and labs that assist with external research proposals business plans, market analyses, white papers, etc.
  • We promote interdisciplinary work, a signature of the New American University
  • We redefine business education

To achieve our goal — and overcome our current challenges — we need bigger thinking. More importantly, we need better thinking. We have developed a groundbreaking organizational structure that can help us become more efficient and more effective.

In this structure, academic units would remain, but we would balance Scholars — tenure and tenure-track faculty and researchers who lead research expectations and curricular development — and Master Teachers — lecturers, clinical faculty, leaders of practice, and executives in residence. We will elevate the reputation and the presence of our Master Teachers (titles, industries, organizations), develop a center for business education innovation, and foster their engagement with experiential learning programs.

Master Teachers would be co-located, and led by an innovative faculty member tasked with developing faculty on-boarding, monitoring syllabi/content to reflect content domains, working with faculty on student issues and creating teaching advancement sessions, open to all faculty.