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Staff Sketch

Staff Sketch
Ashley Khan: Building strong relationships

Student Engagement Coordinator Ashley Khan is originally from Shiocton, a small town in Wisconsin with a population of about 1,000 people.

Her initial impression of ASU was that it was large and intimidating, and easy to get lost in the crowd – which is why she does her to best to make sure the students at W. P. Carey feel like they matter.

“Everything we do here is so intentional. That’s what makes business personal. Even just taking the time to remember students' names and something about their background is important,” says Ashley.

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Staff Sketch
Jonathan Davis: W. P. Carey through and through

Born and raised in the Valley, Associate Director of Technology Services Jonathan Davis has always been a supporter of education...

Staff Sketch
Amy Ahlstromer: Sun Devil for life

A native Arizonan, Director of Academic Services Amy Ahlstromer grew up in in the small town of Kearny, in eastern Arizona.

Staff Sketch
Brennan Forss: Fostering community

Alumni and Corporate Relations Director Brennan Forss grew up in Chicago, where she regularly took the subway to school and did her...

Staff Sketch
Stacey Lippert: Coming home to W. P. Carey

"You don't expect to hear a Wildcat saying they're happy to be celebrating 10 years at ASU, but I am," laughs Stacey Lippert.

Staff Sketch
Jared Barlow: Embracing adventure

W. P. Carey Sr. Associate Director of Graduate Admission & Recruitment Strategy Jared Barlow grew up in Torrance, California.

Staff Sketch
Shay Moser: A born writer

“I always knew I wanted to be a writer,” says Managing Editor Shay Moser.